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Pam's Fitness Coaching Program:

12 Week
Mind & Body Transformation

For Women Looking to get in shape and improve their
lifestyle with support from an experienced fitness coach

Proven Results

What You Get

A holistic approach to health and fitness. Not just an exercise program but the whole package including...

12-Week Mind + Body Transformation

Exercise Program

Custom Meal Plans


Group Support

All This for only $2499 $1,922


For All Skill Levels

Whether you are just starting on your fitness journey or needing some momentum to keep the energy high, this program is for you! I will customize your daily routine to meet your fitness goals; we will work together to get you to a place where you are comfortable in your own skin. Although minimal equipment is required, dedication and commitment are a must!

A Program based on experience

I was once in a place of unhappiness before I made a lifestyle change; through years of building my mindset and physical health, I am finally living the life I have always dreamed of. This is what I want for all women!


Client Love

“I have lost inches and weight, I’m sleeping great at night, fitting into clothes I have not been able to wear for quite some time but most of all I feel great! I haven’t felt this good in so long.

Thank you Pam for giving me the nudge I needed and for believing in me. You rock! ❤️

Kara O

This has become a way of life for me. Having a trainer to support me through this pandemic has become invaluable. I want to keep moving forward. “

Charlotte B.

“I am feeling great already, and I am more flexible and can handle and do all the workouts now.  I love that the workout program is an app on my phone.  It keeps all my stats, pictures, and measurements.

I would highly recommend Pam; she is such a sweetheart and encourages you along the whole way. I love that the program is flexible but made just for you.”

Krista E.


A few words from Pam

Do you have a clear vision for your best life?

The first thing I get a client to work on in this program is to paint a picture of what they want their life to look like and how they want to feel at the end of their 90-day journey with me.

Without a clear vision, you don’t have a destination. You may go to the gym, or do a home workout, or eat a salad instead of that pizza, but with no real purpose about why you're doing it. No emotional connection = no driving force.

That would be like getting into a car without nowhere to go. You can drive around for a while, and it might be fun but, you will get bored and run out of gas.

Why do you choose to work out and practice self-care? It would help if you connected to something emotionally to have the driving force needed to follow through; this is what I base my coaching on and what you will soon realize makes all the difference!

Questions & Answers


How is the program structured?

Everything from workouts, to before and after photos and measurements is stored in a simple app you can easily download on your device, can have access anywhere you go with wifi! Accountability calls are scheduled every 2 weeks with your coach to make sure you are staying on track towards your goals. Weekly recipes sent out to keep you motivated in the kitchen. 

What exercises does the program consist of?

Everything from strength training, core, cardio, yoga, flexibility and mobility, full-length bootcamps, and rest days too! Everything can be easily modified for any limitations

I've never done fitness training before, am I ready?

Yes, the great thing about this program is it can be adjusted for any skill level. From beginner to advanced this program will teach you the basics and keep you moving forward!

Do I need equipment?

Minimal equipment required. A set of light to heavy dumbbells, a yoga mat and a stability ball will be sufficient enough. I can order equipment for you as well and have it shipped to your door!

What if I have nutritional requirements?

No worries! This nutrition program is very flexible and can be adjusted to meet your nutritional limitations and any food allergies. It’s all about teaching you how to choose healthier options without restrictions.



Become the best version of yourself

Don't wait, start living your best life In 12 weeks!

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